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What is the best flooring for a tennis court?

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Tennis has been among the best sports that ever existed. It is a fun game played by anyone worldwide, especially in New Zealand and Australia. Tennis is universal and played both recreational and professional. However, despite the type of match it is, there is one factor that we need to pay attention to—the floorings.

Tennis playing surface comes in a broad range of materials, sizes, and designs. However, the three main common types are vinyl, tile, grass, and clay. Choosing the most suitable floorings impacts tennis players’ performance.

This content we have posted will give you the background of the dos and don’ts as tennis court owners. We will also discuss different court surfaces best to choose among all the options. So, if you want to learn more about the technicalities of tennis courts, keep on reading!

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What are tennis floor specifications, dimensions, and color?

There are fixed rules and regulations for all the different types of tennis courts. There are also court flooring materials and characteristics that a tennis court must have. What are the things required for these tennis floors? We can find them on the International Tennis Federation website and in their handbooks. This guide comprises the specification, dimensions, and sizes needed for tennis court surfaces. 

For this reason, the tennis court has measurements of 23.77 meters in length and 8.23 meters in width. Changing the metric system to feet will result in a height of 78 feet and a width of 27 feet. The tennis court sizes should also have 6.4 meters or 21 feet from the service line to the net.  

The numbers listed above are for the standard tennis court game. But the measurements will be different if the match is for singles or doubles. For the singles game, the length will be 23.77 meters, and the width will be 8.23 meters. From the net to the service line, the tennis court should have a 6.4 meters measurement. If the dimension is for doubles, the length would be 23.77 meters, and the width is 10.97 meters. It would also have a 6.4 meters measurement from the net to the service line. 

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The ITF also posted specifications that are a must for all tennis court surfaces. Therefore, if you are building a tennis court for fun or professional, you must follow these specifics, which are:

Tennis Court Flooring Colors

There are three primary colors applicable for the tennis court surface. These are green, red, and blue sports flooring colors. However, among all the color categories, one of the unique and best colors is blue. Blue has a vibrant and lively color that is easy to capture by the eyes. It is why it perfectly highlights and contrasts the tennis ball’s color. In this way, the players playing the game will see the ball’s direction much easier and faster.

What are the characteristics that the court flooring material should have?

Tennis court surfaces have numerous characteristics to have a smooth game. Therefore, even if the floorings are meant for outdoor or indoor courts, it’s best to choose the feature, such as:

  • The court should have fantastic durability. 
  • It should have an easy installation. 
  • It provides a good tennis ball bounce.
  • It offers easy maintenance and cleaning. 
  • Water-resistant.
  • It should have anti-slip and anti-skid properties. 
  • It can withstand harsh weather and external factors. 

How to choose a court flooring for a tennis court?

When choosing a tennis court surface, you must consider different court flooring. But, the price is the most common reason a buyer decides to buy a specific material from a manufacturer. Many buyers also consider the cost of maintenance and how durable they are. 

The synthetic vinyl is for you if you have the same criteria for perfect tennis court surfaces. If I compared it to other types on this list, vinyl has fewer maintenance costs and is far more durable than others. 

In choosing a tennis court flooring, you must weigh the categories and features. We have also listed some above, but if you are hesitant about what’s the most vital among them, let me give them to you. The three aspects that floorings must be durable, shock-absorbing, and support the players. 

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What are the types of flooring material options for tennis courts?

There are different tennis court flooring materials that you can choose from. This section will mention the best and why you should get them one by one. 

Vinyl Tennis Court Flooring

Vinyl is among the best options you can buy for your tennis courts. It has the various characteristics of being versatile and durable. Even though there is high traffic, this court flooring would be able to hold on and perform best. It also has a solid playing surface that helps avoid being wet and allows the material to breathe. 

Here are some of the advantages when you choose PCV vinyl for your tennis courts:

  • A variety of colors, and a variety of patterns to choose from
  • It provides protection and support to all the players playing. 
  • Wear-resistant and anti-slip, durable.
  • High-cost performance in the same type of flooring.
  • Easy installation and cleaning.
  • Good cushioning performance, good ball resilience.
vinyl tennis court

Hard Court Floorings

There are two types of hard courts that you can choose from asphalt and concrete. Hard courts are the perfect option for building an outdoor tennis court. This court can combat extreme weather like rain, and it can have the most straightforward maintenance. 

As per the ITF, a hard court is also the best flooring for all players. The playing surface is smooth, so players can move quickly and serve well. It also permits them to take control of the tennis ball and make it bounce high. 

Grass Tennis Courts

Artificial grass courts are the best flooring material if you want a comfy surface. However, this court provides different benefits, such as its durability. At most, it can last up to 5 years, and its maintenance is super cheap too.

Artificial grass also provides excellent benefits to the players. An example would be that the players can move fast due to its smooth surface. It also provides a high ball bounce. Yet, despite these benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Because the grass has an uneven surface, the ball might bounce inconsistently.

This artificial grass is made using concrete and asphalt and laying the plastic grass on top. For this reason, you can be sure that it has the features of high-quality tennis courts. 

artificial turf tennis court

PP Tiles Court Flooring

PP tiles are also a fantastic option for your tennis court surfaces. This type of flooring is durable in that it can function for a long time. It also provides varieties of benefits, like improving the player’s speed. 

In building this surface, you need to use different layers. The first one would be a strong base, like concrete. Then, later on, you can be placed by the tiles on top. For this reason, this is the perfect court surface flooring for recreational and home use. 

pp interlock tennis court

Why is it best to choose synthetic vinyl flooring for a tennis court?

The different types of floorings are top options for tennis courts. However, synthetic vinyl flooring stood out the most, which provides fantastic benefits. If you use this flooring, you can expect that you can save money. It is because vinyl is low maintenance and much easier to clean. 

Synthetic vinyl flooring is also the most recommended court surface for tennis courts. It has the following characteristics of being sturdy, durable, and high performing. It also offers non-slippery, impact-absorbing, and high-foot traffic resistance. 

When you use these for your tennis courts, you can expect them to help the players perform better. It will push the players to showcase their abilities and skills. This tennis court surface is also a product of technology to support and benefit the game. You can expect to get the features of durability, shock-absorbing, and great support. 

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Why Choose Bantro synthetic vinyl materials for tennis courts flooring?

Bantro has been the lead vinyl manufacturer in China. We have been in the industry for many years now. And we have evolved to become a top provider of high-quality vinyl in areas of commercial and sport. In this case, we offer you a broad range of flooring options for your tennis court surfaces. 

All our tennis court floorings have the best characteristics in the market. First, it is easy to install and maintain. When you order from us, we will give you an installation guide. In this way, you can apply it without needing a professional. 

All our tennis court surfaces are also stable and comfortable. We added glass fibers to the formulation to make it firmer. We also adjust the floorings to make them shock absorbent and smooth to be comfy. 

The last notable characteristic of our tennis court is; that it is durable. We designed these floors to be strong and abrasion-resistant. Even though it is exposed to high-foot traffic, it will not wear quickly. It can maintain its appearance and aesthetic for years. It is why our floorings are perfect for recreational and professional venues. 

Bantro is the best among the rest. Working with us will be the best option to make your tennis court come to life. If you want to inquire about the tennis court flooring you want, please send us a quote. You can expect that within 24 hours, we will respond to you!

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