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Here you can find various types of PP interlock tiles, differentiated products for differentiated needs

PP Interlock Tiles

Made of environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP)

TPE Interlock Tiles

Made of  PP and Thermoplastic Elastomer materials

PP Interlock Tiles

The product has been strictly selected and made of environmentally friendly polypropylene material, which is safe and healthy, compressive and durable, and has strong bearing capacity, suitable for outdoor and indoor sports venues.

Choose Your Favorite Style

For more colors and patterns, please contact our sales staff, we can also provide customized patterns according to your requirements

double layer snowflake style

Size:25*25*1.22cm Weight:140g/pcs Packing: 105*54*26cm 160pcs/carton
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single layer snowflake style

Size:25*25*1.27cm Weight:160g/pcs Packing: 105*54*26cm 160pcs/carton
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245g double layer rhombus

Size:30.5*30.5*1.5cm Weight:245g/pcs Packing: 95*64*32cm 126pcs/carton
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300g double layer rhombus

Size:30.5*30.5*1.5cm Weight:300g/pcs Packing: 95*64*28cm 108pcs/carton
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snowflake style soft connection

Size:34*34*1.58cm Weight:340g/pcs Packing: 70*70*37cm 88pcs/carton
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double layer thick snowflake style

Size:30.5*30.5*1.4cm Weight:300g/pcs Packing: 95*64*32cm 126pcs/carton
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windmill style

Size:30.5*30.5*1.58cm Weight:320g/pcs Packing: 95*64*32cm 108pcs/carton
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sunflower style

Size:30.5*30.5*1.58cm Weight:285g/pcs Packing: 95*64*32cm 108pcs/carton
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roller skating style

Size:25*25*1.27cm Weight:215g/pcs Packing: 105*54*26cm 160pcs/carton
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super soft snowflake style

Size:30.5*30.5*1.4cm Weight:300g/pcs Packing: 95*63*32cm 126pcs/carton
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TPE Interlock Tiles

The product is made of thermoplastic elastomer material, high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, soft to the touch, stable and compressive, and durable.

Explore Our New Materials And New Features

The replacement of the product and the upgrade of the material have greatly improved the performance of the product. Contact our sales staff for more information


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basketball court

Application Scenarios

badminton court

PP Interlock Tiles are widely used in schools, basketball courts, badminton courts and other fields because of their superior performance, easy installation and other elasticity.

Bantro PP Interlock Tiles

Our Features

We have rich industry experience to provide customers with one-stop flooring solutions, a complete range of products, and support customized services

Environmental Friendly

The product is made of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless, and has good waterproof performance.

Easy to Install

During installation, a rubber hammer can be used to hit the floor joints, without glue and nails, and it has good mobility and can be disassembled and assembled many times.


It is suitable for sports venues such as basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, and leisure places such as kindergartens.

Wear-resistant, Non-slip

The material is polypropylene, which has the advantages of pressure resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and long service life.

Quality Control

Rest assured quality selection, using environmentally friendly raw materials


Adopt environmentally friendly composite modified PP material. It has excellent properties such as low temperature resistance, high strength, UV resistance and aging resistance

Eco-friendly masterbatch

The production process is safe and environmentally friendly, with strong tinting strength, firm color and long service life

0 calcium powder added

Without adding any calcium powder, the product has strong impact resistance and toughness, and the product has high sports performance

Custom Design

Free planning and design

We provide our clients with free site planning and design to make your venue unique. If you have your own detailed plan, we can also customize the plan.