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What is the difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets?

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Vinyl sheet products comprise a thinner sheet of plastic that is either welded or sewn together to create a product. Most of the time, the vinyl flooring sheets’ important is to fit the layout of a project with glue.

Vinyl sheet flooring is popular because it provides many benefits over other options such as carpet or hardwood.

  • It can’t be easily torn or punctured, which makes it a great choice for areas that get a lot of use.
  • It also does a good job of blocking out noise, which is helpful in noisy places like homes, offices, schools, and hospitals.
  • You can install it over concrete or plywood subfloors to make a very durable and cost-effective flooring system.

In terms of structure, there are two types of vinyl sheet products. These materials are heterogeneous and homogeneous vinyl sheets.

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What is a heterogeneous vinyl roll sheet?

Heterogeneous is a type of multi layer flooring structure with layers that are different from the top to the bottom. These layers include the UV layer, wear layer, printing layer, glass fiber layer, and foam layer.

  • The UV layer protects the surface so that the ink doesn’t fade and has antibacterial properties.
  • The wear layer protects the printing surface and gives the material some stretch. And play a wear resistance, compression and other functions
  • The printing layer makes it long-lasting, attractive, and easy to maintain.
  • The glass fiber layers are to reinforce the material and improve its strength.
  • The foam layer is also known as the backing layer. Mainly play the functions of buffering and anti-compression

The heterogeneous material has good mechanical strength and insulation performance. It also has excellent adhesion that makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

Heterogeneous vinyl sheet

What is a homogeneous vinyl sheet?

Homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring offers manufacturers greater flexibility in their product line. The material comprises a single sheet of vinyl, which can be in any shape or size. Homogeneous flooring has the same features of color, thickness, and pattern from the top to the bottom. The good thing about this kind of flooring is that it makes the whole room look the same.

Homogeneous vinyl sheet

What is the importance of using either homogeneous or heterogeneous vinyl roll sheets?

Quick and easy installation

One of the most important benefits of buying any of the two sheets is the fact that they are quick and easy to install. You can install both quickly because they do not need any special tools or equipment. You only need a roll of adhesive and a hammer to install a homogeneous or heterogeneous vinyl sheet.


Both sheets provide a smooth surface that helps prevent injuries. And it has a ultra-high wear and compressive properties


Both homogeneous and heterogeneous sheets are durable and long-lasting. Vinyl sheets are a much more durable material than other flooring solutions when it comes to indoor and outdoor use. They don’t absorb water and become moldy.

Moisture resistance

The heterogeneous vinyl structure doesn’t let water in. So, it does not soak up any moisture in its application.

Simple to clean up.

Homogeneous and heterogeneous are easy to clean up after installation or repair on your surface. All you need is some soap and water, and you can wipe down any dirt or debris from the surface with one quick swipe with a damp rag! 

Excellent value for money.

Homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets are durable, wear-resistant, gritty, and long-lasting. These benefits give you value for your money. You can use them in situations where greater strength and high traffic occur.

Reliable performance

Homogeneous vinyl sheets are more reliable because the melting point of the vinyl is lower than that of the mixture. You can use it for a long time because it has excellent physical properties. The heterogeneous sheet, on the other hand, comprises two or more kinds of resin materials and additives. So, it has a wide range of characteristics with good physical properties as well.

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What are the differences between homogeneous and heterogeneous roll sheet vinyl flooring?

Structural difference

The difference between heterogeneous and homogeneous flooring sheets is glaring in their structure. A heterogeneous flooring sheet is a multi layer flooring material. However, a homogeneous flooring sheet is a single-layer material.

Color difference

Homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring production has a single color but with different unique design. Nevertheless, a heterogeneous vinyl sheet has a variety of colors and patterns.

Maintenance Differences

Homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets are both easy to clean and maintain. But in the long run, a homogeneous vinyl sheet is easier to clean than a heterogeneous vinyl sheet. With homogeneous sheets, you can remove all dirt easily because there is no special coating on them.

Cost differences

Both homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets are affordable to buy compared to other types of flooring. But heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring has a much lower price. However, they both have the same quality features for flooring.

Wear resistance differences

Both homogeneous and heterogeneous sheets have improved wear resistance. But homogeneous sheets perform better. Nevertheless, heterogeneous sheets have better adhesion properties than homogeneous sheets.

Resilience differences

Another key difference between these two types of flooring is the amount of resilience they offer. You can consider any of them for a resilient reason because they are both vinyl sheets. Nevertheless, heterogeneous sheets are more resilient than homogeneous sheets because they have a higher glass transition temperature. Also, they are not as susceptible to heat distortion. Heterogeneous sheets contain a greater number of bridging linear polymer chains. Most of what makes this product more resistant to impact, abrasion, and other stresses are these linear polymer chains.

Sound absorption difference

Both heterogeneous and homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring has the advantage of sound absorption. But the sound absorption performance of a homogeneous vinyl sheet is higher than that of heterogeneous vinyl flooring because of its fiber density and thickness. Heavier products with thicker layers are more suitable for sound absorption.

Noise reduction differences

Heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring is better at reducing noise because it is denser. It also has a larger surface area per unit volume than homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring.

Fire resistance differences

Both homogeneous and heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring is the best types of flooring to go for when it comes down to fire safety. However, homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring is not as resistant to fire as heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring. Its multi layer structure allows for greater heat dissipation and protection from burning.

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What are the well-known brands that offer homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets?

Some well-known companies that make homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets are LG Flooring, Gerflor, Tarkett, Armstrong, Polyflor, Forbo, and Bantro

LG Flooring

LG is a well-known manufacturer that offers h

omogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets. This company is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. It has provided products such as laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, epoxy flooring, and laminate countertops. The company has a factory in China, and it has been shipping goods to more than 80 countries around the world.


Gerflor is one of the most popular homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheet brands in the market. They are well known for their high-quality products and excellent service. Their products are made from 100% recycled content and have been tested for indoor air quality by an independent laboratory.


Tarkett is one of the largest manufacturers of homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets in the world. It is known as one of the best manufacturers of vinyl flooring in North America due to its high-quality products and excellent customer service.


Armstrong is another company that has been around for many years. They started as a manufacturer of rubber products before transitioning into the flooring industry. They make their vinyl flooring products from recycled materials. Though they are no longer functioning in the USA, they have earned several awards for their durability and strength over time.


Polyflor is a well-known brand for homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets. The company has provided solutions for customers for a long time now. They also make use of their expertise in this flooring field to provide high-quality services to their clients. Their products are durable and offer good value for money. They offer several different types of laminated floors, including carpet tiles, wood laminates, PVC laminates, and epoxy laminates.


Forbo is another well-known brand that offers homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets. The company manufactures laminated flooring products primarily for commercial. It also offers a wide range of other flooring types, including carpet tiles, wood laminates, PVC laminates, and epoxy laminates.


Bantro is a well-known and certified manufacturer of vinyl sheets. We offer homogenous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets for commercial use. We also produce customized sheets with different patterns and colors. In addition, you can install any of our products by yourself. We make our vinyl floors from the highest quality materials to withstand heavy traffic. We also offer a variety of installation options to suit your needs.

vinyl sheet flooring

Bantro Industry’s Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

PVC vinyl homogeneous flooring is a type of flooring that is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride. The sheets are designed to be waterproof, flame retardant, and resistant to moisture content. You can use this material for both interior and exterior purposes because of its excellent flexibility and strength properties. It is also anti-static. The sheets come in many different sizes and colors depending on your purpose. If you need larger-sized sheets, then choose ones that are available in more colors.

What are the features of homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring?

Excellent Appearances

Homogeneous vinyl flooring has an excellent appearance. It feels light and open and has a high gloss finish. This makes it easy to install and keep clean.

Excellent Resistance

Homogeneous vinyl flooring also has excellent resistance to moisture and mold. This makes it resistant to stains and staining. It is also perfect for all kinds of weather conditions and environments. You can use it in areas with rough or rough conditions because of its smooth surface.

Environmentally friendly

The substrate of the processed homogeneous sheet is from 100% recycled components. It has no harmful chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. With that, you don’t have to worry about any harmful effects on your health or the environment.

Strength and Durability

The strength and durability of the vinyl sheet are very high. You can use it to make a variety of buildings such as houses, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, and so on.

High Fire Resistance

The heat-resistant properties of vinyl sheets are good enough to form fireproof materials in its applications. The products are fire-resistant up to 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,832 degrees Fahrenheit), which is a very high temperature.

Commercial Application

The use of homogeneous sheets is popular in educational settings, healthcare offices, leisure spaces, gyms, retail facilities, shopping malls, public buildings, playgrounds, or any room in businesses or homes. So many clients like it because of its characteristics.

Abrasion resistant

The homogeneous vinyl sheet has excellent abrasion resistance and good impact resistance. It also can absorb large quantities of water and oil. This feature makes the homogeneous vinyl sheet very suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


The homogeneous vinyl sheet has antibacterial properties in its makeup. The antibacterial properties resist bacteria, mold, fungus, and mildew. The homogeneous vinyl sheet stops bacteria from growing because it doesn’t soak up a lot of water and doesn’t break down when exposed to oil and water.

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Bantro Industry’s Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Our heterogeneous vinyl sheet has a lot of advantages like

  • thickness
  • dimensional stability
  • resistance to staining, shock
  • mold growth

It also comes in a wider range of textures and colors from which you can choose.

What are the features of heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring?


Heterogeneous vinyl sheets have a high friction coefficient. They can be used for the prevention of sliding, especially on a smooth surface.

Wear resistant feature

Heterogeneous vinyl sheets are resistant to abrasion, cutting, and wear.

Resilient feature

Heterogeneous vinyl sheets have a good stretch ability and are resistant to rupture.

Mute and Anti-compression feature

Heterogeneous vinyl sheets don’t make noise because of their low internal pressure. Therefore, they do not lose their shape when compressed under heavy pressure. This makes them ideal for busy applications.

Anti-bacterial feature

The product also has good antibacterial properties

Various colors and patterns

This feature is an advantage that many other materials do not have, as they are usually limited in their color options. You can print different colors and patterns on different kinds of vinyl sheets to meet your needs and your budget.

If you are looking for a durable, easy-to-clean, and stylish flooring solution, then vinyl flooring from Bantro Ltd. is the best choice. Contact us today at Bantrofloor to learn more about our products and place an order.

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