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How to distinguish the quality of PVC sports floors?

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One of the most crucial parts of any space is the flooring. Today, there are hundreds of floorings types that consumers choose from. That makes it hard for them to know which is suitable, the best, and which is not. But, to cut the chase, one of your options is a PVC sports floor.

PVC sports floor is a top tier for being a versatile flooring. You can use this sports floor in many spaces, for sports, commercial, homes, and more. The only issue is with the recent development; many have hesitated if this flooring is the same as others. Or if the PVC sports floor they bought is of quality.

So what do you need to know about sports flooring? How do you pick a professional company that offers the best PVC sports floor? I will introduce it to you as a PVC flooring supplier, so keep reading!

What is a PVC sports floor?

PVC sports flooring is short for polyvinyl chloride, a material used to make vinyl flooring. These PVC materials are specifically designed for sports floors like badminton、volleyball and basketball etc. That is because it has various layers from the bottom to the surface, which are as follows:

  • printed design layer
  • Top transparent wear layer.

There are also other laminated layers:

  • Flexible foam layer
  • Wear-resistant layer
  • Glass fiber layer
  • Grass-roots level

When this layer adds up, they make the floor have a durable core. It will also be more effective in reducing wear, stain, slip, and impact. It also makes them have adequate anti-bacterial, high-performance, and shock resistance.

pvc sport floor

Where to use PVC sports floor that is suitable?

Throughout the years, PVC sports floors have been an ideal flooring for different applications, indoor and outdoor. You can use them for sports, commercial, and even home spaces. Because of how versatile they are, they are raved by numerous consumers worldwide.

This flooring type has also been recognized internationally because of how excellent its performance is. In fact, it outperforms other floors like rubber flooring, wood, etc. That is why we will tackle all the features of this vinyl flooring in various applications.

Badminton Court

The most common use of PVC sports flooring is Badminton Court. PVCs are popular among badminton players and venues because of their surface. The cause for these is the mat layers, mainly the surface, middle, and bottom mats. For this reason, this makes the floor it is compact. That is also why the floors contain various characteristics, such as anti-slip properties. They are also notable for being durable, stable, and abrasion-resistant.

Basketball Court

PVC sports flooring is a popular choice for basketball courts because of its durability. This floor can last for a long time while appearing good as new. They can also withstand high foot traffic and friction. These factors make it ideal for the safety measures of athletes. It reduces the risks of any injuries and caused harm.

Another thing about PVC sports flooring in basketball is that it is very comfortable. Athletes and players can run around without straining their feet. This floor is also low maintenance and easy to be installed. It doesn’t need constant cleaning; a mop with cleaning detergent would be enough.

pvc basketball floor

Volleyball Court

Volleyball court requires high sports floor materials, especially for professional competitions. Most volleyball courts define the flooring performance based on its important factors. Some of these notable examples are surface thickness and multilayer layout.

The perfect sports flooring material for the volleyball court is no other than vinyl. Vinyl offers excellent performance compared to rubber flooring or laminate. They are durable and thick while still being comfortable to the feet. It even reduces any risks of injuries to the players. And even lessen any scratches and abrasion to the surface.

Tennis Court

The Tennis court has a rectangular flat surface usually made of grass, vinyl, concrete, and clay. But one of the best surface materials for the tennis court is PVC vinyl. This flooring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts. It also has numerous features that can support the players and the ball’s fast motion.

For this reason, this sports flooring is the ideal choice since they are durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. They also resist wearing, scratches, dents, and even water. That is why even with long years of use, they will look good as new. If you want to know more about our post flooring as a tennis flooring, check here!

Multi-purpose Hall

PVC sports flooring is one of the perfect choices for multi-purpose hall use. Multi-purpose halls serve many functions and roles. Each they, this place caters to services events, parties, and large crowds. That is why the floor surface must experience high foot traffic. It is also why there is a need for flooring that can support and withstand hurdles for a long time.

PVC sports flooring is used for multi-purpose halls because they are inexpensive and durable. They are multifunctional that create an uplifting environment and high performance. It also contains a broad range of indoor and outdoor hall designs. Plus, this is also low maintenance and easy to clean. Even with constant use, they will still appear good as ever!

Home Gym

Another use of sports flooring is to be a floor for home gyms. Like any other application, home gyms also experience high foot traffic. That is true, mainly if homeowners always worked out. Gyms also need to carry a lot of heavy equipment and sustain jumps. This space also needs to have aesthetic designs that create a motivating air.

These features are precisely what PCV vinyl has. This sports floor is durable and can handle the weights from equipment. Because it is comfortable, it would not strain the feet nor cause fatigue. This floor is water resistant and easy to clean. For this reason, it instills safety and protection in the comfort of home.

sport floor

How to distinguish the quality of PVC sports floors?

Buying the best quality PVC sports floors is not that simple. It would help if you were meticulous in analyzing the product’s structure. If you want to start your quests in looking for flooring in the market, the following notations can guide you:

  1. Thickness: Thickness affects the performance of the flooring. The thicker the thickness is, the better its quality. But, this idea is not proper for all and may not imply its durability. There are different ranges of vinyl thickness, ranging from 2mm to 8mm+. These thicknesses will depend on the area of application. For instance, in high-traffic areas, thicker vinyl is better. They can offer more support, foot comfort, and stability. 
  2. Wear-resistant Layer: I have mentioned that the thickness doesn’t imply durability but wear-resistant. The PVC wear layer is a transparent layer on the surface. These layers are designed to combat high foot traffic that causes scratches, dents, and stains. The thicker the wear-resistant Layer is, the more durable the sports floor will be. 
  3. Glass Fiber Layer: If the floor has double-layer glass fiber, it has better stability, leading to better quality. This glass fiber functions as a support to ensure floor stability and durability. When a flooring has this Layer, it lies flat over any surface, even without adhesive. That means its installation is easy, and the floor will be in place. 
  4. The mixture of ingredients for PVC sports floor does matter. The less calcium powder added, the higher the PVC resin powder content and the better the product’s elasticity. For instance, the lower the filler content, the higher the product quality. These fillers are mixed into the formulation since they can increase various properties. But, it can also bring disadvantages such as low tensile strength and rigidity. 

What are the qualities and characteristics that PVC sports floor products have?

There are different qualities and characteristics that PVC sports floor contains. These make the floor suitable and ideal not only for sports but also for many spaces. Some of these that PCV sports flooring has are:

  • Durability
  • Easy installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Shock and Impact Resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to wearing
  • Thick and lightweight
pvc badminton floor

Why using low-quality sports flooring that is harmful and risky should be avoided?

The type of flooring can make a big difference. At times, they can help either improve performance or mitigate injuries. There are different floors that you can choose from based on your requirements. Despite this, you should know to look for the highest quality.

As noted, injuries are an important reason you should avoid low-quality sports flooring. It is hazardous, especially if this floor is prone to slipping and falling. It can also instill a poor physical experience since they are uncomfortable walking.

Low-quality sports flooring can also lessen and increase bad air quality. That is true, especially if the floor is installed indoors. They will promote poor protection and health problems. These issues can go wrong for the users in the long run.  

indoor pvc sport mat

What test standards and certification requirements should be compounded for PVC sports floors?

I have noted how important the floors are to pass test standards and certifications. If the flooring has these two, it can perform its job. It would also mean they contain certain qualities that make them safe and suitable. Some of these test standards and certifications requirements you should look for are:

ASTM F2772

One of the test standards that sports flooring must pass is ASTM F2772. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) noted that this would serve as a material testing method. Through this, it can measure if the surface materials are suitable for

it can ensure that it passes the four measures such:

  • Surface Finish Effect
  • Force Reduction
  • Ball Rebound
  • Vertical Deformation

EN 14877

As per the European Standards, EN 14877 tests the surfaces for outdoor areas. These tests ensure to check if the floors are capable of providing the required level of sports performance. It also measures if the sports floor’s properties meet the sport’s demands.

EN 14904

This EN 14904 standard is for flooring for indoor areas. Under this are specification requirements that floors must contain for indoor multi-purpose. Some examples of these are:

  • Friction
  • Shock absorption
  • Force reduction
  • Vertical formation
  • Technical requirements

ISO standards

Based on the data provided by ISO, there are different certifications for different materials. But all of these standards are designed based on their properties. They also focused these standards on two materials: poly(vinyl chloride) and PVC. The following are some of the standards for floor coverings:

  • ISO 10581
  • ISO 10582
  • ISO 10874

Why Bantro Sports Floors is the best among other floorings in the market?

Bantro Floor is one of your go-to companies for flooring products in China. We have the best kinds of PVC vinyl flooring on the market. You can get many products from us, specifically, commercial and sports floors. You have found us if you are looking for the highest quality PVC sports floor!

Our company offers a broad range of vinyl flooring, including vinyl sports floors. These products of ours are the best option for any sports or court. They are versatile, resilient, and durable so that they will last you for a long time. They also can withstand high traffic, wearing, and strong impact.

In addition, we are also proud to present our sports floor to be stable and comfortable. We ensure to add a glass fiber that makes the underfoot comfortable and shock absorbing. We also formulated it to make the floor resistant to abrasion and offer good traction.

Did we forget to mention how easy its installation too? Well, that’s because we make our products handy and easy to maneuver! If you need to know more about our PVC sports floor, keep in touch! You can contact us on our website or call us at +8618633896825. You also have the option to email us at eric@bantrofloor.com.

We guarantee that our customer services are one contact away to answer your inquiries. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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