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What are the famous brands of vinyl sheet roll flooring in the world?

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Vinyl roll flooring has become one of the most popular and well-known types of Flooring over the last century, with many companies and individuals choosing it over other brands because of its durability, aesthetic value, and easy maintenance.

However, finding the right vinyl flooring manufacturer can be difficult, especially when facing hundreds of options. You’ll want to see the manufacturer that provides the best products and a fair price.

While all vinyl flooring roll brands offer high-quality products and services, they aren’t created equal; some companies might have more satisfied customers than others or requirements you should meet to become eligible for discounts and promotional offers. In this article, we’ll examine the most well-known vinyl flooring brands so that you can decide which one will work best for your needs.

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What are the most well-known vinyl flooring brands?

Shaw Flooring

Shaw flooring is one of the most well-known vinyl flooring manufacturers. The Shaw brand has been making carpets since the 1960s, but it expanded into Flooring by introducing vinyl flooring to the market in the 1970s. Shaw company offers carpet, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, and stone flooring solutions for real life and real homes. Some of their residential and commercial brands are Shaw Anderson, Shaw Primavera Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands: Tuftex, Coretec, Floorigami; Shaw floors, Patcraft, Philadelphia Commercial, and Shaw contract.

Shaw flooring company manufactures large and small rolls of vinyl so customers can purchase whichever size they need. Additionally, they offer free samples so customers can test their product before buying it. All the materials used in Shaw flooring options are durable, recyclable, easy to install, and non-toxic, making them eco-friendly alternatives to other flooring options.

Mannington Mills flooring

One of the oldest and most respected manufacturers among vinyl plank flooring brands, Mannington Mills has been in business since 1915. The flooring company’s brand is known for its durability, innovative products, designs, and 

commitment to environmental sustainability, among other flooring manufacturers. Mannington Mills offers a wide variety of luxury vinyl flooring products, including Top Notch and Top Shelf, Color Anchor Luxury Vinyl Tile, and Rugged Aesthetic. Rubber Plank, Luxury Vinyl Roll, Hardwood Flooring, Congoleum Luxury Vinyl Flooring, Laminate, Tile Flooring, Mannington Adura, NAFCO Luxury Tile, Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Flooring, Adura Luxury Tile, and Adura max.

They also offer one of the widest ranges of colors and textures available today. In addition, they offer premium linoleum that’s designed to last, which you can use as an eco-friendly alternative to PVC or other synthetic materials. Through the Get A Matched Look Guarantee program, customers can receive a complimentary sample of any Mannington Mills brand, so they know what they will get before ordering it. In addition, Mannington Mills offers free returns within 90 days if customers find out the vinyl flooring brand doesn’t work for them.

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One of the most well-known names in flooring manufacturers, Armstrong World Industry, has been in business since 1860. Armstrong company offers various resilient flooring products suitable for commercial and residential Flooring. In addition, they offer a variety of finishes, including natural stone, metal, slate, laminate, and more. Armstrong Flooring is available through retailers or online from their website. Some benefits include durability, easy installation, resistance to stains and spills, and eco-friendly features such as being made with recycled materials.

There’s no need to sacrifice quality for design with many options in design, style, and color. There are affordable prices to suit all budgets too! It’s also perfect for renters because it’s easily removed without leaving any trace behind. Armstrong Flooring might be your answer for homeowners looking for an alternative to carpet!

Armstrong US company declared bankruptcy, but their business in China is not affected, AHF acquired their business in the United States


Gerflor is one of the most experienced vinyl plank flooring brands with over 76 years in the industry. They offer a range of different flooring types for residential and commercial Flooring, including virtual tiles and planks, sensor tiles and planks, and creation tiles and planks.

The company mainly focuses on high-end residential applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms; however, they also make floors for commercial properties such as offices, restaurants, and hotels.

Gerflor offers sports flooring, describes where they have their factory


Mohawk Industries, founded in 1875, makes everything from carpet, vinyl floors, and wood to rugs. Mohawk Industries’ high-quality materials make them an excellent choice for people who want the best. In addition, they produce brands that are durable and easy to maintain, which makes them stand out among other flooring manufacturers.

Additionally, the Mohawk brand offers discounts for returning customers looking for additional ways to save money. Homeowners can purchase any Mohawk flooring type of vinyl at over 300 locations nationwide. When you buy from a distributor, there are no shipping costs involved, and if you buy through a retailer, there may be free shipping depending on where you live. With so many styles and colors available, there’s something perfect for every room in your house.

Mohawk has teamed up with popular interior designers to bring exclusive designs to the public. These designers have been involved in various design aspects, including window treatments, wood, rugs, paint color palettes, and wall coverings. You can see their expertise not only in the quality and durability of materials but also in what goes into creating these collaborations. There are always photos and information about Mohawk flooring designers, giving consumers a look inside at what goes into making these beautiful spaces come to life.

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Forbo Flooring System

Forbo flooring system is one of the world’s most well-known vinyl flooring manufacturers. The brand offers a range of floors to suit every budget and requirement, including linoleum, wood, high-quality vinyl flooring and LVT, entrance flooring systems, carpet tiles, needlefelt, and Flotex flocked Flooring. In addition, they are committed to providing durable sheet vinyl and satisfactory customer service. With its dedication to quality, Forbo Flooring has become one of the most trusted names in the business.

LG Hausys flooring

LG Hausys flooring is one of the most popular worldwide flooring manufacturers. It is produced by the L.G. Corporation, a South Korean multinational corporation founded in 1958. The company has offices in over 80 countries worldwide and has been developing innovative products for over 60 years.

The LG Hausys flooring was launched in 1988 and quickly became one of Korea’s most successful flooring manufacturers. They have a wide range of types of commercial Flooring, including laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tiles, and solid surface materials such as vinyl and laminate tile. They also offer a range of accessories such as mats and lino rolls for your floors. They also provide a variety of colors and designs so you can choose something that suits your taste or style perfectly.

Polyflor flooring

Polyflor flooring is one of the world’s most recognized vinyl flooring brands. The company has been on the market for centuries and has become a leading supplier of high-quality, affordable, eco-friendly vinyl flooring solutions.

The company has a large selection of products ranging from luxury tiles to sheets, homogeneous, interwoven vinyl tiles, and affordable laminate flooring to rubber floors. They also offer a wide variety of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products, an excellent alternative to traditional wood floors or linoleum.


Grabo Flooring is one of the world’s most recognized vinyl flooring options with more than 30 years of experience. They offer various types of vinyl flooring, including engineered hardwood, rubber, cork, tile, and laminate flooring. Each class has unique characteristics that make it ideal for specific areas.

Their products come in a range of colors and styles to suit any room or area. They also have an extensive selection of accessories for your Grabo Vinyl Flooring installation needs. The best part about their laminate flooring is that you can install it over almost any existing surface, so you do not have to tear out your old carpet, wood, or tile if you don’t want to! You can use their products on both commercial and residential Flooring with no issues at all.

Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt is an American company founded in 1896. Leggett & Platt has always committed to innovation. Their product line includes luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and standard sheet vinyl.

It is no surprise that Leggett & Platt is also working with Google Fiber to provide them with high-quality LVT products that will last decades without maintenance or replacement. Leggett & Platt is perfect for commercial and residential projects with a competitive price point and fast turnaround time. So whether you need high gloss kitchen flooring or low gloss bathroom flooring, there’s something to suit every budget with Leggett & Plat brand.

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Pergo is one of the most well-known flooring manufacturers regarding vinyl flooring. That’s because they’ve been around for a while and offer various products to meet your needs. Pergo brand is also a brilliant choice if you’re looking for durability, as they built their floors to last. Their brands are laminate, luxury vinyl, and hardwood.

They also have many styles and colors, so you can find what will work best in your home or office space. With low maintenance requirements, Pergo company’s products are perfect for any homeowner who wants a beautiful new floor without the hassle!

Tarkett S.A.

Tarkett S.A. is a French multinational industry specializing in producing floor and wall coverings. Its name came from a product developed by a Swedish predecessor, but it has its headquarters in La Défense, near Paris.

Tarkett deals in the production of flooring coverings for houses, healthcare facilities, school buildings, hospitality structures, and sports platforms. Tarkett company has market distribution in over 100 countries and 34 industrial sites. Their brands include Penguin, Sommer, Febolit, and others. At Tarkett, you can get a vast range of commercial flooring products like vinyl, linoleum, wood, etc.


Karndean is one of the best vinyl sheet flooring brands on the market. They offer various colors and styles, making their products durable and easy to maintain. Karndean floors are comfortable to walk on and look great in any home. The company has been around for over 30 years and is a leader in the industry. In addition, Karndean has shown that they truly stand behind their products with this lifetime warranty program which covers defects in materials or quality for as long as you own your floor.

 Many other companies have come out with their lifetime warranty programs, but Karndean remains one of a few that offer a full lifetime guarantee on all products. A good warranty shows that a company believes in its brands and stands behind them.

COREtec sheet flooring

COREtec sheet flooring offers an extra-long 10-year limited warranty with each sheet sold, ensuring you’ll enjoy your investment in this type of flooring brand. When you buy COREtec brand flooring, you also get the backing of a company with a stellar reputation and great customer service, making it one of the best vinyl sheet flooring brands on the market today. Homeowners considering switching to COREtec should note that installation is fast, so long as you have access to hot water or a steam cleaner for cleaning your floors.

You can order samples of the different COREtec products to ensure you get what you want for your home. For those who want to save some money on their project by doing some of the work themselves, COREtec sells laminate panels you can use for an underlayment instead of having them installed by professionals. Finally, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance vinyl sheet flooring brand, COREtec is one to keep on your radar.

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NuCore Flooring

NuCore Flooring is one of the top-rated brands for vinyl sheet flooring products. They often use these in homes with pets or families with children because it’s easy to clean and durable. NuCore Flooring is available in many colors and styles, so you can get a look that will work with your home decor. They have gloss finishes with light textures. If you want something more classic and traditional looking, NuCore Flooring’s matte finishes with deep textures.

You may even find some antique designs with intricate patterns on them. The company also offers free samples to see what it looks like before buying! They also provide a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong with the material, they’ll fix it at no cost. If you live in an area prone to flooding or extreme weather, this would be an excellent choice for your floors because it resists stains and scratches. In addition, this type of Flooring does not release harmful chemicals into the air, which makes it great for allergy sufferers.


You can trust that you’re getting a quality product when it comes to Gossen. They have been in business for over 100 years and have a solid reputation. Plus, their products are made in the USA. Their Flooring is also eco-friendly, and they offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from. So even though the price may be a little higher than other brands, you will rely on Gossen Vinyl Floorings for many years to come.

One of the main things we love about this brand is how easy it is to clean. All you need to do is sweep or vacuum with a standard household cleaner every once in a while, and your floors will stay looking great. In addition, you’ll never need to worry about stains and spills because these won’t stick either. As if all of that wasn’t enough, Gossen’s vinyl flooring is fire resistant, which makes them perfect for any family with children!

Bantro floor

Bantro floor is one of the leading vinyl flooring manufacturers in the world. Our company has provided high-quality and reliable vinyl flooring over the years. Our innovative manufacturing approach has helped us become a market leader in this field. We have a strong reputation for providing exceptional quality, value, and service to our customers. We produce 100% virgin PVC rubber material and waterproof vinyl flooring to guarantee that our floors will last a lifetime. Our staff is knowledgeable about all aspects of Flooring and offers assistance through every step, from choosing what kind of Flooring you want to install.

We offer a wide range of products at Bantro, including low-maintenance, premium-quality commercial and residential floorings like sports vinyl floors, commercial vinyl floors, and custom vinyl floors. All our vinyl flooring products are highly durable, easy to install, maintain, environmentally friendly, and stain resistant. In addition, they are made of wear layers – the wear layers help prevent damage from pets, kids, and regular use.

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What considerations should you put into choosing any vinyl brand?

Quality Flooring

The first thing is quality. You can use quality products for a long time. Try to find out about the durability of the vinyl brand. Also, consider if you can get their products at an affordable price. Check its reputation on the market and then try to contact them directly online or offline.

After-sales Service

You should also consider the service after sales from your vinyl brand manufacturer because it’s very important for you to get advice from them if there are any problems with your new product or if there are any questions about how to use or install it in your situation and requirements.


It will help if you look at reviews from previous customers who have purchased these types of vinyl products from other companies and their prices when it comes time to buy them. Go through every review about the brand before purchasing its flooring types.


The price of vinyl flooring is a major factor you should consider before deciding. You can find a lot of vinyl manufacturers in the market at different prices. To buy a cheap vinyl flooring sheet, you must ensure that this sheet’s rate is affordable. In addition, the material used for manufacturing this product must be of high quality so that it does not crack easily after installation.

Quality Certification

Suppose you want to get your vinyl flooring sheet from any manufacturer. In that case, you must check whether they are certified or not by some organization like ASTM, SGS, U.L. or OSHA, etc., because it will make sure that their products are safe for indoor use as well as outdoor use. There are lots of organizations that provide certification for this kind of product, such as NCCER (National Capital Consolidated Earth-Retaining Structures Rating), ICCI (International Code Council Inc.), IQNET (International Certificate Network), and AIBC (American Institute of Building Characteristics). So, finding out if an organization has certified your product will also help you know its quality and safety standards.


Vinyl floor manufacturers should offer a warranty on their products. A company willing to provide a moderate warranty on their vinyl flooring is more likely to stand behind their product, which will make you feel confident that you have made the right choice in choosing them.

Customer Service

When researching different companies and brands, you should also consider customer service when determining whether or not you should choose one manufacturer over another. A company’s customer service department needs to be able to answer any questions you may have about the product or services they provide, as well as process any problems or issues with your order quickly and efficiently so that you don’t have to deal with them yourself or wait too long before getting any response from them at all!

Delivery Time

When you’re looking for a vinyl manufacturer, one of the things you should consider is their delivery time. Depending on your project, you may need your types of vinyl sooner rather than later. That’s why it’s important to find a brand that can meet your timeline before you commit to working with them.

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What separates bantrofloor from its competitors?

Brand Distribution

At Bantrofloor, we have more than 75 different national and international distributors that can deliver our products to all corners of the world. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect product for your needs, no matter what type of Flooring you’re looking for. We offer a wide variety of options so that you can find the perfect product for your specific needs.

Brand Development and Design

We are both an Original Equipment Manufacturer and an Original Design Manufacturer for vinyl flooring sheets on the Bantro floor.

When you choose Bantro flooring, you are buying a product designed by someone who cares about your home as much as you do. We use only the finest materials available to make our vinyl brands. Our factory is ISO 9001 certified, so you know we are a professional manufacturer of vinyl flooring sheets for home and business use. Our expert team is experienced in this field, allowing us to create the best possible product for you.

Other Services

  • Real factory production
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Cost-Effective
  • Fast Delivery
  • Installation Guide
  • After-sales service and support
  • Warranty
  • Customized designs


The Bantro flooring industry has existed for many years and has built up a loyal following among vinyl lovers. We have a reputation for making high-quality vinyl brands that are durable and affordable.

When choosing a vinyl flooring brand, it’s important to consider your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about Bantro Floor and our vinyl flooring distribution. 

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